Volvo’s DriveMe project towards autonomous driving

The name of the project is “DriveMe – Self-driving cars for sustainable future”.

Autonomous vehicles are an integrated part of Volvo Cars’ vision of zero traffic fatalities.

The project will start in 2014 with customer research and technology development, as well as the development of a user interface (UI) and cloud functionality. The first self-driving vehicles are expected to be on the roads in the home town of Volvo Car Group by 2017.

The project will involve 100 self-driving cars using approximately 50 kilometres of selected roads. These roads are typical commuter arteries and include motorway conditions and frequent queues.

The project also includes fully automated parking, without a driver in the car. This allows the driver to walk away from the car at the parking entrance while the vehicle finds a vacant spot and parks by itself.

A prototype vehicle has already been developed. At the touch of a button the vehicle takes over the braking, the accelerating and the steering. The vehicle though needs to be supervised by the driver on the grounds that the system is in development.