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KeepPass error message: xdotool

Host operating system: openSUSE Leap 15.1

Application: KeePass ver.2.38

Error message: The ‘xdotool’ utility/package is required for auto-type.

What is xdotool? xdotool is a tool that lets you programatically (or manually) simulate keyboard input and mouse activity, move and resize windows, etc. It does this using X11’s XTEST extension and other Xlib functions.

Note: This message appears when you are trying to use the Auto-type function of KeePass.

Solution: Install xdotool (Fake keyboard/mouse input).

Εμφάνιση του Κάδου Ανακύκλωσης στην Επιφάνεια Εργασίας

Windows Vista Greek > Πίνακας Ελέγχου > Εξατομίκευση > Αλλαγή εικονιδίων επιφάνειας εργασίας > Check “Κάδος Ανακύκλωσης”.

Windows 7 English > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Personalization > Change the theme >  Change desktop icons > Check the ‘Recycle Bin’.

How to install Windows 7 on a Mac mini (Late 2009) with Yosemite

1. MAC OS X Yosemite > Applications > Utilities > Boot Camp Assistant


2. Choose the option “Download the lated Windows support software from Apple”. The downloaded software (drivers) should be saved on a USB Drive.

3. Open the Boot Camp Assistant again and choose the options “Create Windows 7 install disk” and “Install Windows 7”.


4. Create a bootable USB Drive for Windows Installation. Choose the path where the Windows 7.iso image is located and then select the destination disk (a new empty USB drive).




5. Create a partition for Windows. Then you have to install Windows by booting from the USB drive (step 4) and the drivers you have downloaded and saved on a USB (Step 2).



6. Dual boot MAC OS X Yosemite – Windows 7. You have to install rEFInd Boot Manager software by running the install.sh on the MAC OS X console.



  • Step 4 –  Create a bootable USB Drive for Windows Installation. In case that the Windows7.iso image has not been created properly you will receive the error “Non-system disk”. We recommend that you create a bootable USB Drive for Windows Installation on a Windows machine using “Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool”.
  • There is a possibility when running Boot Camp Assistant that the option “Create Windows 7 install disk” does not exist. Some changes need to be made in Boot Camp Assistant in order to overcome this issue. These modifications require Xcode to be installed.