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Comparing two integer values in C


Print char, int and float values in C

Visual Studio Code: ‘gcc’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

  • Visual Studio Code – Main menu > View > Extensions > Install: C/C++ for Visual Studio Code and Code Runner
  • Download MinGW – Minimalist GNU for Windows (MinGW Installation Manager) > In “Basic setup” mark all packages to be installed > MiniGW Installation Manager Main menu > Installation > Apply changes > Copy the path where the \bin folder can be found e.g. C:\MiniGW\bin
  • Windows Desktop > This PC > right click > Properties > Advanced system settings > Environment variables > System variables > find the PATH variable and click Edit > click New and add the path C:\MiniGW\bin
  • Visual Studio Code – Main menu > File > Preferences > Settings > in the search box type “runner” > select the setting “Run in Terminal”.

Visual Studio Code Version: 1.53.2

Power inductor loss

  • Copper loss P_{Copper}=P_{DCR}+P_{ACR}
    • DC copper loss caused by the DC Resistance (DCR) of the windings. It increases proportionally to the square of the current.
    • AC copper loss caused by the AC Resistance (ACR). The AC resistance depends on the frequency and is based on
      • skin effect: The higher the frequency the lower the skin depth. As the frequency becomes higher, there is a tendency for the current flow to become concentrated in the area near the conductor surface and for the effective resistance value to increase.
      • proximity effect: The proximity effect increases the AC resistance as well. A current driven wire creates a magnetic field around the wire, which also creates a magnetic field around the wire, which also creates eddy currents.
  • Core loss
    • Hysteresis loss
    • Eddy Current loss. Eddy current loss is proportional to the square of the frequency.

Windows Key + P

In case you have 2 monitors connected to your PC, the Windows Key + P combination offers the following options:

  • PC screen only (Primary screen ON, Secondary screen OFF)
  • Duplicate
  • Extend
  • Second screen only (Primary screen OFF, Secondary screen ON)