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Schréder Owlet Nightshift – Telemanagement system

  • Website: http://owlet-streetlight.com/
  • Owlet uses ZigBee (2.4 GHz) for data transfer. The ZigBee wireless connection has a guaranteed distance of 100m.
  • The system is controlled with a simple web interface, which is actually a cloud application. Two types of users can be defined: Administrator and Standard user.

Owlet Nightshift - Web Interface

  • OLC (Outdoor Luminaire Controller)
    • LuCo-NX (Luminaire Controller Next Generation) – controls a single lamp. The LuCo-NX is meant to be fitted directly in the luminaire.
    • CoCo (Column Controller) – Ideal if more than one load is attached to a pole i.e. festive lighting.
  • SeCo (Segment Controller)
    • The SeCo collects data from the OLCs.
    • The link between the OLCs and the web interface.
    • The  SeCo is connected to the internet via a 3G network.
    • A SeCo controls one segment with up to 150 luminaire controllers.
    • Light points can be organized in groups (i.e intersections, main roads, crosswalk, etc.).


Total number of luminaires: 370 (Schréder TECEO 32LED/51W, Schréder GL2C 16LED/19W)

We may have 3 Segment Controllers (SeCo). Each SeCo is equipped with a SIM card so as to connect to the 3G network:

  • First Segment: 140 luminaire controllers
  • Second Segment: 140 luminaire controllers
  • Third Segment: 90 luminaire controllers

Another similar telemanagement system for monitoring, controlling and measuring street lighting systems is Philips City Touch.